Live fire cooking in the great outdoors. At one with the elements, we bring passion and creativity in food, a background in great service and a love of creating amazing atmospheres.


Our outside catering offering can travel anywhere for weddings, private and corporate events, and garden parties.



Our story is one of family, of three generations’ love of good food and of great hospitality; a story that spans half a century of ownership at the 3Acres Inn.


Nestled in the Yorkshire countryside, this institution is renowned for its fine food and refined service, with chefs crafting dishes using only the very best ingredients.


Now our family brings you an exciting new catering offering; The Woodfired Oven Co.



We believe in living gently on this earth and are always looking for greener options in the way we go about things. The ingredients we use are locally sourced or wild if possible and we seek out suppliers who are like-minded, with sustainable farming practices. The wood we use on our fires is also sustainably sourced.


There are eco-friendly options for our customers too. For example, we partner with the amazing Seven Clean Seas, who have developed the world’s first plastic-offsetting service, working to pull plastic out of our oceans. Ask us about adding the Seven Clean Seas initiative to your event.  

The great


Carrying through the same ethos and passion from our 3 Acres Inn business, our inspiration here is create beautiful dishes with live fire cooking.


We’re enjoying cooking in the great outdoors, being at one with the elements and bringing theatre and atmosphere to your wedding or event catering.


A true feast for all the senses…


Building on our successes and experience at the 3 Acres Inn, Woodfired Oven Co is now enjoying success in its own right, bringing menus designed with flair, to add texture and flavor, for the most memorable of days. 


Our outside catering set up is ready to roam, with options including a woodfired oven in a gorgeous Land Rover or a full Argentine style bbq trailer, with multiple grills and rotisseries, for larger events. Just let us know where you’re celebrating and we can travel to you.


Get in touch if you’d like to discuss our woodfired catering for your next celebration or event.

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